A range of packaged biogas plants. An exciting Australian innovation, BioBowser® is designed to be installed quickly and integrate with existing waste handling procedures at minimal cost with minimal disruption. BioBowser® can treat between 50 kgs and 20,000 kgs (feed-in volume at max 8% Total Solids) of organic waste per day. Suitable waste streams include animal manures, effluent, abattoir residues or food waste from processing facilities and large kitchens/ canteens/ holiday resorts/ mining camps/ retirement villages.

BioBowser® may have the following benefits for owners / operators:

  • Avoided waste treatment
  • Clean burning biogas for heating
  • Cooking or converting into green electricity
  • Rich organic fertiliser that may be used onsite or sold
  • Reduced facility based greenhouse gas emissions.

Who are you

Waste Manager

Digestion of organic wastes (food waste, animal waste sewage etc) to produce methane gas

Food Processors

Food processors are increasingly subject to pressure on margins from energy, water and waste disposal costs


Increasing community awareness of the value and importance of a clean energy future

Farm Owner

Affordable and practical solutions to generate benefits from farm waste streams

Biobowser Products

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Biogas plant cycle


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Turning food scraps to fuel

CHEFS at the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) canteen are tossing banana peels, vegetable stems, food scraps and used tea bags into a mobile anaerobic digester (AD) to create pollution-free methane gas (CH4) that are used for cooking. Already on its third week, the new innovative approach by the council to turn biodegradable waste into

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Delta farm turns manure into money by making it renewable natural gas

A lower mainland dairy farm is growing thanks to something their cows produce. For the last thirty years, SeaBreeze Farms in Delta has been supplying milk locally. Now, the farm has also found a way to make its manure profitable too. “We’re always looking at ways to do things better and to take manure and

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India is powering ahead with biogas projects

Punjab to set up biogas CNG projects in every district The Punjab government plans to set up a biogas compressed natural gas (CNG) plant, on a pilot basis, in every district, to harness the potential of the state. Punjab New and Renewable Energy Minister Bikram Singh Majithia said he had conceived the project would be

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The Western Treatment Plant in Werribee, Victoria, largely powers itself using biogas – a by-product of sewage treatment. Jason Patrick Ross/Shutterstock

Biogas: smells like a solution to our energy and waste problems

Could what we flush down the toilet be used to power our homes? Thanks to biogas technology, Australia’s relationship with organic waste – human and animal excreta, plant scraps and food-processing waste – is changing, turning waste into a commercial source of renewable energy. A recent report suggests that Australia produces about 20 million tonnes

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